Vrij 11 nov: ‘Learning to See’ Philosophy & Yin Yoga – Anat Geiger

‘Learning to See’ Yoga Philosophy & Yin Yoga – An afternoon with Anat Geiger

Most of us associate yoga with a physical practice: certain postures, done in certain sequences and in a certain way.
For yogis, the physical practice is only one of 8 aspects of our practice. In our materialistic, aesthetic-obsessive times, physical practices became overly important, and most of us forget what truly constitutes a yoga path: looking inward, gaining control over not only our bodies but especially over our thinking patterns, and reaching deeper inside where the Seer resides, the aspect of our being that is observing and directing our efforts.

In this workshop we will explore the basic philosophical grounds of yoga and how they can be relevant and helpful in our daily struggles. The lecture will be followed by a yin yoga practice and a meditation.

About Anat
For many years now Anat has been a reference point in The Netherlands for high quality yoga classes and teacher trainings. She will share practices and teachings that brought so much meaning, purpose and joy in her life.

With nearly 20 years of experience, 10 of those teaching at the YogaGarden, the studio she co-owns in Amsterdam, Anat interweaves her philosophy studies, extensive anatomy knowledge and unfailing sense of humor in creative vinyasa, yin or yin yang classes.

Anat has studied with yoga giants all over the world and travels regularly to the US to study Yin Yoga with her teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley; “who reminded me of what we do all this for, and who changed everything with mind blowing science, profound spirituality, overwhelming humor and ever present poetry.”

She is an ERYT 500 teacher, qualified to train students at 200 and 300 hours level, which she does with enthusiasm, dedication and love.

Anat is one of the regular teachers at Ekhart Yoga and has her own online platform www.myfatyogi.com

Date: Friday 11 Nov
Time: 13:30 – 16:30
Teacher: Anat Geiger
Language: English
Price: 35 euro (Glow member), 40 euro (non-Glow member).

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