Sat 3 Feb: Magical Mantras (a special Mantra class) | with Moena

A musical journey with Moena to experience the power of mantras!

Mantras, sacred sounds or phrases, have been used for centuries to transcend the boundaries of the mind and touch the very core of our being on a cellular level. In this class, you will go on a journey that goes beyond ordinary meditation.

The resonance of the mantras creates a profound shift within, instilling a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility. As you chant these ancient vibrations together, a strong feeling of togetherness emerges, transcending individual identities and creating a collective bond. This sense of unity extends beyond the classroom, bringing a deep connection with yourself and with each other .

Moena will create a peaceful and sacred space where you can explore your inner self and find harmony through shared vibrations.

No experience required! Come chant with us and experience the joy of singing together!

Teacher: Moena De Jong
Date: Saturday 3 February
Time: 16:00-17:30
Cost: 22,50 euro non-members | 17,50 euro members

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*Additional info
This class is open to
everybody, no experience needed!

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