Sat 10 Dec: Mantra & Candlelight Cacao Ceremony with Yolentha Ram

This will be a magical evening for sure!
A beautiful end-of-year experience with the magic of mother cacao

Yolentha will take you on a mesmerizing journey to connect with your inner light. Share and sing powerful healing mantras, connect and balance your heart chakra with meditation and visualize your dreams for the new year. Your heart frequency will rise thanks to the magic of mother Cacao.

About Cacao

Sacred Cacao has been used for centuries by the Mayan and Azteke people for health, ceremonies and healing. It has been and still is used to connect with the spirits, gods and goddesses, mother Earth, nature and the unseen world. Cacao has existed on this planet for centuries and many wise tribes have used it for personal and spiritual growth.

Ceremonial Cacao is a beautiful medicine provided by mother earth which contains many nutrients and minerals and is very healthy for the physical and mental body. Cacao also helps to deepen your inner awareness and to gain a deeper connection with your consciousness. It helps you to open your heart and to find more balance in the present moment. 

Cacao is not psychedelic and very safe and gentle to explore and connect with*.

The ceremony

The ceremony will include beautiful rituals, mantra singing, meditation, breathwork, movement and sound healing which is a healing and loving experience for the Soul. 

About Yolentha

Yolentha is a medicine woman of the new world who works with ceremonial cacao and other plant medicine. She is also a guiding healer and lightworker which make her ceremonies an energetic healing experience for the body, mind and soul.

* Please note that when you are pregnant you can join but you will be given a smaller dose of cacao (make sure to tell Yolentha in advance). If you have high blood pressure and you’re recommended f.e. to not drink coffee, it also won’t be recommended to drink cacao. If you have any doubts or some extra questions, please let us know and Yolentha will inform you personally. 

Teacher: Yolentha Ram
Date: Saturday 10 Dec | 19:00-21:30
Price: 50 euro
*min of 10 participants, max 20

Other info
– A few days before the ceremony you will receive more information in order to prepare for the ceremony, which includes a 1-3 day diet.
– More info about sacred cacao or Yolentha check her website.

Sign up 
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