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Vrij 1 feb: Rock ’n Roll your Asanas | Daphne (Part 1)

During this XL masterclass you will enjoy a fluid Prana Vinyasa Yoga sequence that integrates self massage techniques and the use of fascia releasing props (Blackroll™). Using fascia rolls in yoga practice will offer you a deep tissue massage while working on flexibility, balance and strength, without much of an effort. It is a fun and easy way of opening… Read more →

Vrij 22 feb: Rock ’n Roll your Asanas | Daphne (part 2)

Let’s get up side down! During this XL masterclass we will be using Blackroll™ props again; this time to cultivate a steady and strong core as a preparation to dive into inversion practice. You will experience how using props like rolls and blocks can help you improve your handstand, armbalances and headstand variations. We will be working in partners, so… Read more →