Sat 20 Jan : ‘Yin Your Element’ Water | With Riki

Curious about Yin, the elements and meridians?!

In this new series of Yin specials, we will delve deeper into the elements, the corresponding seasons and Chinese Medicine’s theory around meridians, elements and associated organs.

In this, second workshop of the series, we delve deeper into the Water element, which takes center stage in this season, winter. Discover when you’re truly in your element and how this element can enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being during the winter months. This Yin special offers an opportunity to optimize your energy and vitality, providing wonderful support throughout the winter through the element of water.

This element symbolizes tranquility, nourishment, and introspection, akin to the apparent stillness and lifelessness in nature during this season. Just as it appears that everything is “dormant,” deep beneath the surface, life’s energy is nurtured by silence and rest.

Riki will guide you through Chinese medicine’s five element theory and you will learn how to stimulate and support the Yin and Yang organs linked to this element (the Kidneys and Bladder) on an energetic level to nourish this primal energy within the kidneys.

Are you interested in learning more about yin, the elements, the meridians and how to support yourself and optimize your energy? Then this Yin special is definitely for you!!

Teacher: Riki Smits
Date: Saturday 20 January
Time: 15:00 -17:00
Price: Glow members 25 euro | non-members 30 euro.

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Cancellation workshops
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