3, 10, 17 Dec: 3-week Vinyasa XL | Shakti Vinyasa with Daphne (studio & online)

Shakti Vinyasa! Embodying the Goddess of Yoga

The myths and stories of Hindu mythology offer us a great treasure of inspiration for our own personal growth and transformation. The stories of Shakti, the goddess of Yoga, are still valuable for us in our own time and age.

Through the practice of vinyasa yoga we can connect with these stories in an embodied and real way. We can bring the different aspects of the Goddess to live in our selves. In this way, we can learn to tap into the different qualities of power & courage,  love& abundance, wisdom & creativity, not only on our yoga mat, but in daily life as well.

During these workshops, Daphne will guide you through three different practices, embodying three different aspects of Shakti:

The Warrior Goddess – Durga
The Goddess of Love – Lakshmi
The Goddess of Wisdom – Saraswati

Come and enjoy tapping into the qualities of the Goddess of Yoga. We will start every session with a short talk & writing, followed by a guided mudra meditation and an all levels prana vinyasa practice.

Awaken the Goddess within!

Date: Friday 3, 10 & 17 of December | 09:00 – 10:45
Price: 60 euro Glow member | 70 euro non-member (single class: 25 euro Glow member | 30 euro non-member)
Teacher: Daphne Koken

If you cannot make it to Glow you can also decide to stay home and join online. Let us know if you prefer this option and for which sessions and we’ll make sure you receive the Zoom link on time. 

Sign up info:
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– Questions? Email us at info@glowyogastudio.nl.

Note: Shakti means power, force or energy. Mythologically, Shakti is described as feminine, but at the deepest level, Shakti transcends gender, so men are welcome too!