Fri 31 May: Masterclass ‘Defying Gravity – The Art of Balance’ | Florence Dedame

We are very happy and honoured to welcome international yoga teacher Florence Dedame at Glow Yoga studio. Flo is a wonderful, inspiring teacher in the Vijnana tradition, sharing her experience in an embodied, inspiring and refined way.  

This masterclass with Florence is a time to gather and experience a practice that will enhance the balance of strength, play & ease. Balance is not a place to reach, but a state to maintain on our journey, a constant reminder of Abhyasa and Vairagya; the balance of effort and surrender.

In the physicality of asanas we will explore the radial force of gravity whether we stand on our hands, head, legs, our search for equilibrium is a deeply rooted organic need leading to an efficient and effortless movement. In breath we will look at balancing the polarities of left (ida) and right (pingala) and their effect on our ability to remain in the centre.

We will learn about the stabilizing system of the body and how to challenge it daily so that we become more aware of the elusive “middle”. 

A wonderful opportunity for teachers and practitioners to deepen your body awareness and find more ease in practice.


Vijnana Born Practitioner, Senior teacher, 20 years of experience and timeless inspiration, taught workshops in Finland, Germany, Netherlands, led retreats in France, Hawaii, creating and nurturing Sanghas all over the world.

Flo Dedame is currently leading a Vijnana International Teacher training on Gabriola Island, Canada where she resides. A world traveler since a very young age, inspired by movement, guided by Nature, curious about human behavior and its complexity, she challenges the limitations that we impose upon ourselves in sharing teachings with joy and playfulness both in practice and reflective study.

Years of dedicated commitment have revealed a unique and skillful approach to understanding the language of movement into consciousness and its gathering into stillness. Her practice embodies subtle mobility and sensory refinement.

She believes that our potential lies deep within and her only concern is to set it absolutely, unconditionally free.  She deeply acknowledges her teachers, Orit Sen Gupta, Gioia Irwin, Swami Muktibodhananda, Krishnamurti. Her Mother.

Date: Friday 31 May | 18:30-21:30
Price: 35 euro for Glow members | 40 euro for non-members
Teacher: Florence Dedame
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