GLOW! 300 hrs Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Glow 300 hrs Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Certified) | with Daphne Koken, Claudia van der Tier & guest teachers

Join Daphne, Claudia and their senior guest teachers for a new adventure, diving deeper into the teachings of vinyasa yoga. This modular teacher training allows you to study in compact blocks of 25 hrs per weekend, while receiving the continuous support and guidance of your lead teachers Daphne and Claudia.

Note: You can also join us for a single module!

Our training offers you a solid and rich addition to your 200 hrs foundation vinyasa program and allows you to study in an environment that is both safe and inspiring. The structure of our training honours the requirements of Yoga Alliance advanced (300hrs) studies and offers you the certainty of a full spectrum, well balanced advanced vinyasa teacher training  program.

Daphne and Claudia invited guest teachers Rob Hess, Susan Michel, Martine Bruin, George Langenberg and Esther Lek to share their expertise, experience and wonderful energy with you, which makes this teacher training a one of a kind journey.

Our mission is to support you on the path of becoming an embodied, authentic and inspired vinyasa yoga teacher. We are looking forward to flow with you and hope you will enjoy the rich teachings of vinyasa yoga.

Module 1: Peak Pose Sequencing & The art of hands on assists 

Dates: 15, 16, 17 May 2020

Teachers: Daphne Koken & Claudia van der Tier

Learn to create sequences that feel effortless yet empowering, nourishing yet energizing, creative yet logical. Invite your students to experience the magic of intelligent sequences that open the body to the flow of Prana, life energy.

During this module you will learn how to create vinyasa sequences based on different groups of asanas that open the body in specific ways. We will focus on backbends, hipopeners and handbalancing poses. You will learn to observe the key actions and energetic lines of these asanas in their different kramas, from simple to more complex and how to integrate them into creative sequences. While studying the energetics and key actions of more intermediate asanas, you will learn to assist students in a safe and efficient way.

Module 2: Advanced Sequencing Pathways & The art of fluid transitions 

Dates: 12, 13, 14 June 2020

Teachers: Daphne Koken & Claudia van der Tier

Learn how to create sequencing pathways that are in tune with the intention of your class! Make use of your yoga mat in different ways that make sense and leave your students with a magical, blissful feeling. During this module Daphne & Claudia will offer you a structure for linear, circular and multiple waves sequencing that allows you to add creativity and complexity to your classes, while keeping your students in the flow. We will explore different transitions and the use of momentum in flow, which will serve the continuity of your sequence.Teaching skills and the use of vocabulary and music will be part of this module.

Module 3: Intelligent & Creative Core Integration 

Dates: 3, 4, 5 July 2020

Teacher: Daphne Koken

The core in yoga is a fundamental system that offers a solid foundation for flow. Understanding and embodiment of this system will offer you tools to create vinyasa sequences that are both steady and fluid. During this module you will study the different aspects of ‘core’ in yoga: core anatomy, breathing techniques and different pathways of core cultivation. This will give you a clear understanding of how to integrate these techniques into your sequences in a way that serves the flow of Prana and supports the opening and strengthening of the body in the pathway of your choice.

Module 4: Living Philosophy 

Dates: 4, 5, 6 September 2020

Teachers: Rob Hess & Daphne Koken

Explore the nature of yoga: philosophy as inspiration! A truly heart opening and fulfilling module with Rob Hess and Daphne Koken.

Learn how to bring yoga philosophy to life and transform these teachings into embodied experiences for your students. Honour the sacred space of practice through working with altars, mudras, mantras and funky sacred playlists. Use the transformative stories of Hindu mythology, the teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the wisdom the koshas to create a deeper understanding of what yoga is about. Allow yourself to dive deeper and inspire others on the path of meaningful yoga.

Module 5: Embodying Nature: The Elements & The Subtle Body (50 hrs)*

– Yoga Nature Teacher Retreat (Tuscany)

Dates: 26 September – 2 October 2020

Teacher: Daphne Koken

Location: the magical nature of Tuscany

Let nature be your inspiration to create magical vinyasa yoga classes!

Connect with the rooting power of the earth, enjoy the cleansing, nourishing properties of water, be transformed by the alchemy of fire and experience the liberating flow of air. Then integrate all elements in unlimited space within and beyond: embody the elements in the magical nature of Tuscany, Italy.

During this Yoga Nature Teacher Training Retreat you will enhance your vinyasa yoga practice by learning to work with the five elements. You will learn how to physically experience the qualities of these elements to activate, liberate and harmonize the subtle body. Dive deeper into the energetic aspects of the five elements and learn how you can benefit from working with their specific healing and empowering properties. Through your own experience of these balancing effects, you will be able to take your teaching skills to a deeper level. You will learn how to energetically balance your students by tuning in to their needs, the day of the week, the seasons.

Every day, Daphne will guide you through intelligent and creative vinyasa sequences that give expression to the energy of the elements in your body. We will go on daily yoga nature hikes, experience yoga nature rituals and let nature become our teacher for a week!

Module 6: Advanced Anatomy, Fascia & Body reading

– 28, 29 Feb & 1 March 2020
– 13, 14, 15 November 2020

Teacher: Susan Michel 

Gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy relevant to asana practice by reviewing the biomechanics of the joints and refining your knowledge of the different body systems, including fascia and the nervous system. Refine your capacity for body reading by learning about coordinative, perceptual and orientation patterns that may cause motion-restriction. Learn how to support healthy, full-range joint function in asana practice by supporting strength and ease in movement. Respecting the physical, energetic and mental states, you will explore assisting students in finding their inner teacher.

Module 7: Relax and let go! Gentle Vinyasa Sequencing 

– 18, 19, 20 December 2020

Teachers: Daphne Koken & Claudia van der Tier

Within the vinyasa yoga system there is space for the quality of ‘sukha’, meaning ‘ease’. Dive into the lunar arts and learn how to create vinyasa sequences that invite your students to slow down and shift from a state of ‘doing’ to a state of ‘being’. Entering a state of gentleness towards ourselves invites us to let go of too much effort and helps us to tune in with the flow of Prana, life energy itself. Once we enter this state, we start to replenish and nourish our essence, Ojas, which will leave us both energized and relaxed at the same time.

During this module you will learn different ways of sequencing gentle vinyasa classes and you will receive tools to create an atmosphere that allows your students to let go and relax. The use of vocabulary, voice, music and mantra will be part of this training.


Module 8: Yoga Nidra, Meditatie technieken & Mindfulness Werkvormen

Voertaal is Nederlands. This module will be taught in Dutch!

2021: 22, 23, 24 January 

Teachers: George Langenberg

Tijdens dit ervaringsgerichte weekend komen verschillende werkvormen voorbij en verdiep je jouw eigen meditatiebeoefening. Je leert wat contemplatieve beoefening is en middels schrijf- en reflectie oefeningen krijg je inzicht in persoonlijke processen. Meditaties en werkvormen worden in stilte aan elkaar gevlochten. Naast de eigen beoefening in stilte, krijg je op trainersniveau handvatten om zelf oefeningen te begeleiden. Je wordt uitgenodigd om ervaringen te delen. Je krijgt een theoretisch kader aangereikt waarmee je zelf meditaties en werkvormen gaat leiden in oefengroepjes. Je leert hoe je om kunt gaan met moeilijke emoties bij jouw deelnemers en wat empathie betekent voor jouw begeleiding.

Na deze dagen heb je praktische kennis van:

  • Mindfulnessoefeningen en werkvormen (enquiry)
  • Diepe ontspanning en yoga nidra
  • Ademhalingstechnieken voor kalmte en concentratie en hoe je dit kunt inzetten in jouw lessen.

Daarnaast ervaar je wat mildheid en vriendelijkheid voor de belichaming van je trainerschap kunnen betekenen.

Over George Langenberg:

George is een zeer ervaren opleider o.a. in de trainersopleidingen bij het Centrum voor Mindfulness in Amsterdam. In Haarlem is hij werkzaam in zijn acupunctuurpraktijk. Zijn eigen meditatie is geworteld Kriya Yoga, een klassieke meditatievorm.

Module 9: Honouring your body as a temple: pregnancy & restorative yoga 

2020: 16, 17, 18 January (with Sanne Kerkhof)
2021: 26, 27, 28 February (with Martine Bruin)

A skillful vinyasa yoga teacher knows how to guide students in a safe and compassionate way, in any situation.

Martine Bruin will be sharing her extensive knowlegde of pregnancy yoga as well as her experience in working with students recovering from injuries.

Module 10: Living Vinyasa: Teaching your Dharma 

2020: 14, 15 & 16 Feb
2021: 26, 27, 28 March 

Teachers: Daphne Koken & Claudia van der Tier

To ‘live’ vinyasa means to live in flow and to be connected with Nature, from the flow of the seasons to the balanced rhythm of our breath. ‘Teaching your Dharma’ means that you allow your inspiration to guide you and to create magical classes that arise from your connection with the vinyasa of life.

During this module Daphne and Claudia will invite you to dive in and honour your own dharma, your inspiration and what moves you. You will learn how to transform this inspiration into meaningful and embodied vinyasa yoga classes. You will receive tools and techniques to create authentic sequences that will leave your students with a deep feeling of connection.
Taking it even further, Claudia and Daphne will offer effective tools how to create your own yoga business from a place of authenticity.

Module 11: The Art of Vinyasa , the embodied teacher


2020: 4 & 5 April                               2021: 1 & 2 May

Teachers: Daphne Koken, Esther Lek & Claudia van der Tier

– deze module is alleen voor trainees die de gehele opleiding volgen (niet los te boeken)
– deels in het Nederlands 

Dit laatste weekend draait volledig om jouw eigen embodiment als teacher: hoe geef je les vanuit jouw eigen kracht, kernwaarden en authenticiteit?

Esther en Daphne geven je beide vanuit hun eigen expertise de tools en het inzicht om jezelf verder te ontwikkelen als vinyasa teacher. Een weekend van veel geven en ontvangen, actie en stilte, heel veel oefenen en waardevolle feedback

Esther over haar worskhops:

Tijdens dit verdiepende weekend wordt je uitgenodigd vanuit je persoonlijke kracht en inspiratie  te gaan staan en les te geven. We duiken in het diepe. Ik vertrouw erop dat jullie kunnen zwemmen, hetgeen betekent dat je beweegt in je eigen tijd. Tijd is net als water: het stroomt. Hiervoor zullen we de eerste dag aandacht geven aan Veiligheid en Vertrouwen, nodig om te durven springen. Op dag twee gaan we stil staan: zoals een boom richten we ons op vanuit onze wortels, welke onze authentieke aarde ofwel lichamelijkheid vormen. Het is de plaats in ons, waar we ‘heel’ zijn, en verborgen/geborgen tov de dualistische ‘buitenkant wereld’ van tijd. We zullen stilstaan in tijd t.o.v. niet-tijd, leegte t.o.v. aanwezigheid, spreken t.o.v. luisteren. Op de laatste dag komen we weer boven water, geaard blijvend in onze bron, net als de lelie. Wat is doen, door niet te doen? Waar word je ge-ademd en loop je perfect de weg die de jouwe is? Hoe zet jezelf neer in deze wereld en laat je jouw persoonlijke erfenis na?

Wees welkom om aan de slag te gaan met deze vragen!

Glow 300 hrs Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training: What to Expect?

  • 10 intensive, inspring and fun weekends (25 hrs) and 1 retreat week (50 hrs) in Tuscany, Italy
  • Lots of practice for your own embodiment
  • Teaching labs, interaction and exchange with your teachers and fellow students
  • Time for reflection and integration during every weekend
  • Continuous support of your teachers and sanga throughout the journey
  • Deepening of your knowledge, teaching skills and ambodiment of vinyasa yoga
  • Deepening of your connection with your inner teacher and sva dharma
  • Every module requires following 2 yoga classes, observing 1 of Daphne’s/Claudia’s classes and a written assignment.

Building up to 300 hrs: How does it work?

  • You can sign up for the whole journey or join seperate modules
  • Joining the full journey, you will work towards 300 hrs Yoga Alliance certification within the 365 days of this teacher training program. You will receive a 300 hr Certificate at the end of the journey.
  • If you choose to join seperate modules, you will receive a certificate of attandence for the modules you joined. You can build up hours in your own time and work towards 300 hrs over a period of 3 years.
  • We have 21 spots per module, students signing up for the whole journey come first

Friday 14:00 – 21:00
Saturday 12:00 – 20:00
Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

Your investment

  • Full journey Teacher Training 300hrs consists of: 10 weekends plus 1 week Retreat Training
  • Full journey: 10 TT weekends costs: € 2.650,- (excl. 21% tax) plus retreat training costs 450,- (excl. 21% tax) Please note that these prices are excl the retreat accommodation costs*.
  • Deposit of a non-refundable 500 euro must be transferred in order to reserve your spot for the Full Journey 10 weekends. After reservation you will get a confirmation with payment info for the banktransfer.
  • To reserve your spot for the Retreat Training please transfer 330,- to D. Koken, ABN Amro NL87ABNA0415988829, mentioning ‘Elemental TT Tuscany 2020’ + your name. Payment of the remaining amount has to be done before September 31st.
  • Please read our General Terms and Conditions that apply to the Teacher Training
  • Price per module (25hrs): € 285,- (excl. 21% tax)
  • Price for retreat accommodation: € 540,-

*Retreat price includes: Accommodation (6 nights), all meals (vegetarian/vegan) and water/tea all day (7 days), full yoga nature teacher retreat program, including yoga nature hikes and 2 excursions. NOT included are flights, airport transfer, travel insurance, additional drinks.

–> Sign up for full journey: please email
–> Interested in single modules? Please register for the individual modules online!