Sat 13 July: Handstand 101 Beginner Workshop | Eddy Toyonaga

We are very excited to host Eddy Toyonaga from Tel Aviv for this super fun masterclass.

Eddy is a self proclaimed inversion junkie and is passionate about sharing his passion of going upside down. Handstands challenges the whole body, increases mental sharpness, are invigorating and brings a natural high. 
Join Eddy in this all-levels workshop designed for students who would like to experience the excitement of being upside down, and also for the more experienced yogi who is working on refining their handstands in the middle of the room.

The focus will be on:
•proper foundation. 
•drills to strengthen the core and shoulders. 
•looking at different ways to enter handstands. 
•how to fall out of handstand safely. 
Join eddy in this workshop as he guides you through the art of balancing on your hands. All that is required is a sense of playfulness!

About Eddy Toyonaga

Eddy invites you to come and playfully push your healthy edges to groovy beats, dancing through flowing asanas while linking breath with movement. With the influence of having been raised in a Buddhist household, Eddy enjoys incorporating heart quality themes in his classes with the intention to fuse the mind & heart together, to create a distance  from one’s ego and instead to connect to the higher self.
 He believes it is from this sacred space that we are able to find more clarity, meaning and purpose in life. He teaches with passion and ensures his classes are accessible to everyone.

Date: Saturday 12 July | 15:00-17:30
Prijs: 30 euro for Glow members | 35 euro for non-members
Docent: Eddy Toyonaga
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