Sat 31 August: Asana Addict ‘Shiva Nataraj & The Ananda Tandava’ | Julee Yew-Crijns

Asana Addict is a dynamic fire practice. It’s objective is to challenge our focus, discipline, ego, tenacity…. It is asana as yoga. The practice is strong, with transitions that drives us to dig deep & pull our attention deeper. It is a practice that challenges you to maintain your stillness within the fire; a quality that is potent off the mat.

This is a vinyasa practice for experienced practitioners or anyone willing to work in this way, because there are really no levels, just journeys; and you are encouraged to work at where you are- it is part of the practice not to get caught up in doing or performing but rather to explore and enjoy the process at every junction.

The practice will start with a story to bring us together through intention. Mythology is weaved into philosophy into yoga asana. Yoga asana practice will be a flow practice that many will recognise as a vinyasa or Prana Vinyasa class, with progressions / krama’s leading to a few peak asana’s, all the way to a long shavasana. We will also share some mantra’s to open and close as a way to shift the vibration in the room and connect to each.

If you want to come and try this but are doubting if you can, then this practice is definitely, also for you!

See you in the fire!


Date: Saturday 31 August | 15:00-17:30

Price: 30 euro for Glow members | 35 euro for non-members

Teacher: Julee Yew-Crijns

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