Sun 14 April: Spring Yin Yoga & Live Music

With Fiona Straathof & Sahiela Morlacchi

Tune in with the new season with yin and live music!

Just as nature enters a cycle of renewal, growth and expansion in spring—so does the energy within us.  Energy that has been dormant during the winter months begins to awaken as we blossom into spring. 

During this extra-long yin yoga class we will move through a sequence designed to find tranquillity within ourselves and balance the Chi whilst being guided by peaceful live music.

We will focus mostly on the liver & gallbladder chi, which support the body’s natural digestive and detoxification functions. 

Sahiela Morlacchi has been practicing yoga and playing music since her early childhood on the mountain in Italy. She now enjoys teaching yoga & playing music in bands. In 2018 Sahiela has rediscovered the gentleness of the music that she loved to play as a child. She accompanies the Yin Yoga workshops of Fiona playing the harmonium, the harmonica and the guitar, choosing accurately the right tune according to the poses and the theme of the workshop. 

Every Yoga and Live Music is a unique experience, and the music played evolves over time. Live music has the power to create an additional layer of connection. The sound intensifies the practice deepening the journey guided by yoga teacher Fiona.

Take this opportunity to feel balanced, peaceful and refreshed again!

Date: Sunday 14 April | 17:00-19:30
Price: 20 euro Glow members | 25 euro non-members
Teachers: Fiona Straathof (Yoga) & Sahiela Morlacchi (Live music) 
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