Sun 27 Dec: Rest & Restore after Christmas | Riki

Join Riki for an ultimate restorative yoga session in a candle light setting to rest and restore your body and mind after the hectic Christmas days. During this extra long Restorative Yoga session you will have plenty of time to rest and recover. 

The asanas (or postures) in this restorative yoga class are held longer to experience a deep relaxation. Yoga props such as cushions, blankets and blocks will give your body maximal support. Your muscles can relax fully and your body has time to rest. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, also called the ‘Rest & Digest’ system. It invites us to rest deeply and to digest build up tension and stress. 

This deep relaxation helps the body to activate the body’s self-healing power. Your body can use it’s energy to repair and renew the body at the cellular level. 

It’s time to rest & restore. The session ends with a nice long Yoga Nidra (also called yoga of sleep) to integrate the process. 


Date: Friday 27 December | 16:00 – 18:00

Teacher: Riki Smits

Price: 20 euro member | 25 euro non-member

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