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Thu 28 January: GLOW ONLINE SPECIAL| ‘Vira Flow’ with Rob Hess

Join Rob Hess for this powerful class as we close out the first month of 2021! This dynamic practice is a moving meditation that connects us to the powerful life force that flows. As we move together through this challenging time of change it’s important to remember that strength comes from within. This practice will open you and connect you… Lees verder →

Sun 7 Feb| GLOW ONLINE WORKSHOP ‘Root to Rise’ with Rob Hess

Join Rob Hess (on his Birthday!) for this deep and powerful online workshop connecting to the Root. The root of the human body is muladara our root chakra, this is the place of transformation. In this workshop we’ll plant the seeds and set out intentions as we face the challenges of life knowing we are rooted in the power of… Lees verder →