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Sun 9 Oct: Sringara Rasa ‘Divine Love’ with Rob Hess

Sringara is one of the nine rasas, usually translated as erotic love, romantic love, or as attraction or beauty. Rasa means “flavour”. The theory of rasa is the primary concept behind classical Indian arts and much of it’s content revolves around the relationship between the lovers. The primary emotion generated is Sringara and the romantic relationship between lover and beloved is a metaphor for the relationship between the individual and the divine.  Lees verder →

9-11 Dec: Gentle Vinyasa Sequencing | Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Immersion (25 hrs) with Daphne

Vinyasa yoga is a wonderful system that offers both ‘solar’ (more energizing or yang) and ‘lunar’ (more relaxing or yin) ways of sequencing. This means that within the vinyasa yoga system there is space for the quality of ‘sukha’, meaning ‘ease’. Entering into a state of gentleness towards ourselves invites us to let go of too much effort and helps us to tune in with the flow of Prana, life energy. Lees verder →