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Sat 13 July: Handstand 101 Beginner Workshop | Eddy Toyonaga

We are very excited to host Eddy Toyonaga from Tel Aviv for this super fun masterclass. Eddy is a self proclaimed inversion junkie and is passionate about sharing his passion of going upside down. Handstands challenge the whole body, increase mental sharpness, are invigorating and bring a natural high. Join Eddy in this all-levels workshop designed for students who would like… Read more →

Vrij 30 augustus: Begin met Yoga workshop | Iris

Vrijdag 30 augustus   Wil je beginnen met yoga? Of wil je graag even de basis herhalen? Onze ‘Begin met Yoga’ workshop is een fijne, toegankelijke manier om kennis te maken met Yoga. In een workshop van 2,5 uur maak je kennis met yoga en leer je de basistechnieken. Daarbij kun je kiezen voor een maand onbeperkt lessen (t.w.v. 55 euro)… Read more →

Fri 30 August: Journey Into Mudras, Bijas & Asanas | Julee Yew-Crijns

An invitation to come together, to raise, shift, harmonize our physical & energetic body through the practice of mudras, mantras and asanas. This flow class will follow the path of the chakra body, exploring each mudra, mantra & philosophical awareness attached to each chakra. In this way, we explore where body meets mind and how our beliefs shape our biology.… Read more →