Friday 19 April: Nataraj Birthday Party | Vinyasa & Philosophy

Celebrate Spring and the rebirth of energy at Glow’s 8th Birthday party, where the time to get together and celebrate as a vibrant yoga community blends with ecstatic dance, Asana tales, Vinyasa & Philosophy!

Claudia and Andrés will guide you through a wonderful evening where the rhythmic flow of Vinyasa meets the captivating tales of Asana tales alongside the freedom and joy of ecstatic dancing movements and music!

Theme for this session

In this session we will share the story of Lord Shiva in his Natarajasana, also known as Lord of the Dance pose, symbolizing the transformation from old cycles and patterns into the awakening of life, as well as the vibrant energy that comes with the blossoming of nature.

What to expect

• Andres’ Philosophy & Tales: Kick off the workshop with Andres as he weaves captivating story-telling around the tales of the asanas, Kirtan singing and Vedanta Philosophy, providing a profound context to our practice.

• Claudia’s Vinyasa flow & Ecstatic Dance: Claudia will then guide us through a flow where the story will come to life through our bodies. Glow’s Birthday party finishes with a vibrant-crafted playlist of relishable ecstatic music to shake our bones, liberate our souls and dance along with our whole being in a cozy-friendly community atmosphere.

Date: Friday 19 April
Time: 19.30-22.00 uur
Costs: Free for members | 16 euro for non-members
Teachers: Andres Galindo & Claudia van der Tier

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