Wed 8 March: Rest, Restore & Yoga Nidra Candle Light with Riki (in English)

Restorative Yoga ‘Relax & Release

During this extra long, candle-lit restorative class, we will hold poses for a longer duration. Props like bolsters, blankets and yoga blocks are used so that your body is comfortably supported, allowing the muscles to relax as much as possible and your body to rest. In this way we activate the parasympathetic nervous system, also referred to as the “Rest & Digest” response. We invite ourselves to really find rest and digest any stress and impressions accumulated during the day.

This practice gives us the opportunity to notice where in our body we might hold tension. Through deep relaxation we activate the self-healing capacities of the body. The energy present in your body is stimulated to induce the necessary processes to restore and heal down to cellular level. 

Let your body rest during this extra long session, on a physical as well emotional, energetic and mental level. We will close the practice with Yoga Nidra allowing you to fully integrate its benefits into your system.

Date: Wednesday 8 March | 19:30 -21:30
Teacher: Riki Smits
Price: 25 euro Glow member | 30 euro non-member

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