Sun 19 May: Asana & Mantra Meditation | with Andres

A Yogic journey with Andres to experience the joy of blending Asana & Mantra Meditation

The structure of this Asana flow is designed take us to a place of deep physical relaxation and spacious mind, where our meditation begins using sacred sounds of Mantras, allowing us to transcend mental blockages and negativity. In this class, we will go on a journey that goes beyond the physical dimension to tune into our sacred inner space of clarity, peace and wisdom.

The vibrations of the mantras evoke a profound transformation within, imbuing a profound sense of inner serenity and peace. As we intone these timeless vibrations collectively, a potent sense of union arises, transcending personal identities and weaving a communal bond. This unity expands and fosters a profound connection with oneself and with each member of the collective.

On the first half of the session, Andres will guide us though a practice of Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga to prepare our bodies to relax and enter into a peaceful and sacred space where we can explore our inner wisdom and find harmony through shared vibrations.

No experience required! Come, practice and experience the joy of blending Asana & Mantra Meditation!

Teacher: Andres Galindo
Date: Sunday 19th May
Time: 10:00-11:30
Cost: Free for members | 16 euro for non-members

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Class open to
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