Laura Bliek | Vinyasa

My yoga journey started in 2008 when I was modeling in Cape Town. I was looking for a way to tone my body and become more balanced in my head, as I had a ‘fast’ and intense job, which involved lots of travelling and quite a demanding standard.
I got introduced to yoga, started practising on a regular basis and noticed that my body got leaner and my head more quiet. Wow! This new experience blew my mind!

So in 2012, I decided to travel to Samahita Thailand and study for a month with Paul Dallaghan. That’s when it really started. I received my first 200 hour certificate as a Ashtanga yoga teacher and from then onwards I studied with various International teachers, like Shiva Rea, Simon Park and Sri Suddhir Tiwari. 

In 2018 I specialized in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and started a project at De Regenbooggroep. A team of yoga teachers provided yoga classes on a weekly basis in Amsterdam Noord for anyone interested, free of charge.
When I moved to Haarlem I continued Trauma Sensitive Yoga at a ‘Blijf van mijn lijf huis’, teaching yoga to women who are hiding from their ex partners.

In August 2022, I graduated in Pranayama, yogic breathing, in the lineage of Kaivalyadama (, the oldest scientific yoga research institute of the world. Recently, I travelled to India to learn even more about this sacred practice.

Laura teaches a dynamic, fun style of vinyasa yoga guided by the breath. She hopes you to leave the class empowered, happy, refreshed and ready to rock!