Chezney Swartz | Vinyasa

Chezney Swartz, a 25-year-old yoga and Pilates instructor from South Africa, now calls Haarlem home. With a unique background in Occupational Therapy focusing on mental health and community development, she enriches her yoga teachings with her love for nature, movement, and a keen interest in the world.

Chezney’s journey in yoga began at 18, leading to a 200hr yoga teacher certification in 2019 in Cape Town, and has since expanded her teaching experiences across various settings, including completing Pilates teacher training in 2022.

Her teaching style is vibrant and centered on vinyasa, prioritizing fun, mobility, and self-discovery. Chezney is committed to guiding her students through mindful practices, creating a nurturing space for individuals to explore their physical potential and foster a deeper connection with themselves

“I see yoga as a space to dance with your body and energy. A space to get to know yourself.”