Alysia Laidlaw (Yin & Restorative)

Alysia is originally from California and moved to the Netherlands for love in 2017. She took her first yoga class when she was 16 and was immediately in love with all of the beautiful feelings it gave her. She found ways throughout the years to work at yoga studios, cleaning, hosting, etc. in order to truly be involved in the yoga community.

After some years cleaning at the studio in California, the manager of the studio confronted her about Teacher Training. She was intimidated by the power of TT and worried about how expensive the course was (having to fly to and from the Netherlands for her new love was becoming costly). The manager refused to allow her to pass on the opportunity and gave her a scholarship and allowed her to work off the remaining amount in extra hours. Since completing her 200 hour Power Vinyasa training, she has taken as many additional trainings as she could, from Restorative Yoga intensive weekends to AcroYoga workshops. While she tries to not play favorites with any particular style of yoga, she finds that her heart swells with Restorative Yoga.

Outside of yoga, Alysia works at a hotel near Schiphol which allows her the opportunity to travel! She loves to read and can often get lost in a book for hours without noticing the passing time. She also loves baking and cooking, but is not great at following a recipe. She has a degree in Anthropology, so people watching is not only a passion, but a well defined skill. Lastly, Alysia has always found that she naturally loves to help and please others. This trait shines brightly whenever she has the opportunity to teach yoga.