Glow General Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Definitions 

1.1. General Terms and Conditions: The general terms and conditions used by Glow Yogastudio, have been published at the Glow Yogastudio website, 

1.2. Glow Yogastudio is registered in the KvK (Trade Register) under 5158335 and is located at Nieuwe Groenmarkt 35, Haarlem. 

1.3. Participant, person who attends yogaclasses, workshops, trainings or teacher trainings at or provided by Glow Yogastudio.

1.4. Agreement; agreement between participant and Glow Yogastudio is concluded by payment of the participant for yogaclasses, workshop, training or teacher training provided by Glow Yogastudio. 

1.5. Registration form; form to apply for monthly membership and to be filled out and signed by participant in order to provide information and to authorise Glow Yogastudio to collect contribution by automatic payment. 

1.6. Membership; the membership for attending yoga classes at Glow Yogastudio, issued or to be issued by Glow Yogastudio and paid or to be paid by the Student.

1.7 Single class; a single yoga class at Glow Yogastudio to be attended and paid by the participant at the registration desk before attending the class, different from membership. 

1.8 Price; total price of the yogaclass, workshop or (teacher) Training including vat. 

Article 2: scope of application

The general terms and conditions are applicable to yogaclasses, workshops, trainings, teacher trainings and memberships. By participating in a yoga class, workshop, training or Teacher Training, the person agrees to the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions apply to any membership with Glow Yogastudio. Glow Yogastudio reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time. The recent version that is applicable is available at the website 

Article 3: membership, subscriptions and single classes

3.1. membership is due once the participants arranged the payment and is fully received by Glow Yogastudio and not transferable. 

3.2. participants are able to join yogaclasses via Introduction course (Begin met Yoga!), single classes or valid membership and subscription.

3.3. subscriptions

3.3.1. Monthly subscriptions

The minimum membership for the monthly subscription is one month. The effective date of the monthly subscription is the first day of the month. The expiry date is always the last day of the month. To apply for monthly membership the participant filled out and signed a registration form to provide information and authorise Glow Yogastudio for monthly automatic payment.

Glow yogastudio offers 2 monthly subscriptions: Glow Unlimited (unlimited classes) and Glow basis (1 class per week). subscription payment

All subscriptions (Unlimited and Basis) fees are collected through monthly automatic payment during the first week of the month. Participant authorise Glow Yogastudio for monthly automatic payment via the registration form. registration fee

There is registration fee applicable to the monthly subscriptions, that will be payed by participant at the front desk in the studio when participant registers by handing in the signed registration form. subscription stop (holiday)

Yearly participant can put the monthly subscription (and automatic payment) on hold for 1 month for free by sending an email to the latest before the fifteenth (15th) day of the last month. For more or longer subscription stops per year, an additional registration fee will be applicable. subscription changes

Monthly subscriptions can be changed from Unlimited to Basic by sending an email to the latest before the fifteenth (15th) day of the last month (for the next month). The monthly Basic subscription can be upgraded at any time to Unlimited by fulfilling  an additional payment of 10 euro at the front desk at the Glow Yogastudio. termination of subscription

Termination of monthly subscription must be communicated to Glow Yogastudio by sending an email to the latest before the fifteenth (15th) day of the last month (for the next month). special terms to termination due to physical health

Special occasions such as longterm illness, operations, physical injuries a.o. person can request for early termination by sending an email to 

3.3.2. Glow yearly 

Yearly membership for attending unlimited yogaclasses will be paid at once per pin payment in Glow Yogastudio, or via banktransfer prior to the start date. After activation Glow Yearly is valid for one (1) year. After one (1) year Glow Yearly ends automatically without termination. 

3.3.3. Pregnancy yoga

In case participant has a monthly membership at Glow Yogastudio, the pregnancy classes will be included in the membership, no additional fee applicable. Please note: participant cannot request for a special invoice for declarations if pregnancy classes are included in the (Glow Unlimited of Glow Basis) monthly membership. In case participant wishes to receive the pregnancy yoga invoice, participant need to buy the Pregnancy (5-classes or 10-classes) punch ticket. 

Participant that has no monthly membership with Glow Yogastudio, can  buy the Pregnancy (5-classes or 10-classes) punch ticket prior to the class per pin payment in the studio and participant will receive an invoice. The 5-classes punch ticket is valid for three (3) months, the 10-classes punch ticket is valid for six (6) months.

First pregnancy class is a free try-out class. 

3.3.4. Single classes

A one-time class to be attended and paid prior by participant at Glow Yogastudio and discerned from membership based attendance.

Article 4: prices, payment and changes

4.1. Payments for all yogaclasses, workshops, trainings and teacher trainings must be done prior to attendance of these. For single classes participant pays prior to the class in the studio at the front desk via pin payment, no cash allowed. Before attending the yogaclass, workshop and training participant reports to the host/teacher at the front desk. 

4.2. Monthly subscription are due to monthly automatic payment ( The applicable recent prices and rates of all yogaclasses, monthly subscriptions, workshops and trainings are on the website of Glow Yogastudio. Glow Yogastudio reserves the right to amend the prices. Any changes are communicated through the newsletter and placed in the studio lounge and front desk. 

4.3 In case the monthly contribution cannot be collected through automatic payment due to insufficient funds on the bankaccount of participant, or due to invalid bankaccount information provided by participant, or in case participant reverses the collection, participant is to pay all overdue payments until the membership has been terminated following the general terms and conditions. 

Article 5: Reservations and schedule

Members and new participants can book all yogaclasses online via the website of Glow Yogastudio. Glow Yogastudio uses a booking system. Bookings can be cancelled free of charge until 1 hour before the class starts, through participant’s account not by phone or email. If a class is fully booked and online booking is no longer possible, persons can (at person’s own risk) still come to the studio. Glow Yogastudio always keep a few spaces available for walk-ins. Glow Yogastudio requests their participants to be on time, at least 10 minutes before class starts to ensure your reserved spot. Walk-in spots become available 15 minutes before the class starts.

The applicable and recent schedule is on the website Glow Yogastudio reserves the right to amend the schedule at any time. Participants should check the website and schedule up forehand before attending the class. When a person registered for a class that will be cancelled, person will receive an email. Glow Yogastudio could close its doors during public holidays, announcements will be made through the newsletter and in the studio’s lounge. 

Article 6: Workshops, (Teacher) Trainings registration and payment

6.1. Registrations for any workshop, training or teacher training are made by the Glow Yogastudio website. Participant’s spot is guaranteed after Glow Yogastudio received the payment (or deposit) prior to the workshop or (teacher) training. 

6.2. Cancellations of participation can only be made by sending an email to prior to the commencement of the workshop or training. 

6.3. Participant may cancel the registration until six (6) days before the commencement of the workshop/training free of charge. In case of cancellation up to five (5) days before the scheduled workshop/training, 25% of the price is charged. Cancellation of the registration within 2-4 days before the commencement, 50% of the price is charged. In case of cancellation of the registration within 0-2 days before the commencement there is no refund, the 100% of the price is charged. 

6.4. Special terms for cancellation Teacher Training 

No refunds or transfers are available for no shows or cancellations within 4 weeks of the start of the Teacher Training. Cancellations up to 4 weeks prior to the event can receive a full refund (minus the deposit ). 

Glow Yogastudio reserves the right to cancel any program at any time. If this is necessary, we will issue a full refund.

Article 7: Studio Rules

  • please make online reservations before attending the yogaclass,
  • before attending the class, report to the host/teacher at front desk,
  • be in time before the class starts,
  • handle yogamats and other props with care,
  • yogamats should be cleaned after used in class,
  • shoes should be take off and placed in the shoe rack,
  • no shoes allowed in the lounge and yoga rooms,
  • all areas in the studio (yoga rooms, lounge, dressing room, toilets a.o.) should be kept clean.

Glow Yogastudio reserves the right to deny participants, who do not observe the studio rules referred to in Article 7., access to the Glow Yogastudio premises and to terminate the membership of the relevant person without a refund of any membership fee paid already.

Article 8: Liability

The attendance of all yogaclasses, workshops, trainings, teacher trainings and other services/classes provided by Glow Yogastudio, as well as leaving belongings in the changing rooms, lounge and other areas of Glow Yogastudio, are at own risk for the participant. Glow Yogastudio accepts no liability whatsoever for physical injury, loss or damage relating to person’s attending yoga classes, workshops, trainings or teacher trainings and leaving belongings in the changing rooms, lounge or any other room at the studio of Glow Yogastudio.

Always consult a doctor before starting yoga classes if you are not sure that you are completely healthy or in case of pregnancy. Even though Glow Yogastudio works with highly certified yoga teachers participant always runs the risk of receiving an injury during a yoga class, workshop or training. By participating these at Glow Yogastudio person accepts this risk. In case of an injury or any other physical inconvenience, always inform your yoga teacher before starting the yoga class and listen to and follow the instructions of the relevant teacher. Participants should perform the yoga exercises carefully, listen to their body and keep in mind and accept physical limitations.

Article 9: Applicable Law and Disputes

9.1. To all memberships, agreements and these General terms and conditions exclusively Dutch law is applicable. 

9.2. Any disputes relating to these General terms and conditions, as well as any membership (single class, workshop, training and teacher training, pregnancy yogaclass) and subscriptions are settled exclusively by the competent court in The Netherlands.

Article 10: Personal data 

For administration and information purposes as well as to execute payment orders and update membership records, Glow Yogastudio collect personal data of the participants. These personal data are handled with due care by Glow Yogastudio and and complies with the Dutch Law for the protection of personal information. Glow Yogastudio will never give any personal data to third parties. Personal data, such as email address, is used by Glow Yogastudio to inform participants of any services en products provided by Glow Yogastudio. Participant can unsubscribe from the Glow Newsletter at any time. In case participant not wishes to receive any communication provided by Glow Yogastudio, person can send an email to