Lydia Krul | Vinyasa

I remember lying in savasana after my very first yoga class back in 2007. Feeling as if I had just come home. The practice of movement and breath had felt so familiar. It was as if I had travelled back in time to my child-self. Reunited body and spirit.

​After exploring different ‘styles’ of yoga and practicing with various teachers over the years, it was vinyasa yoga that I enjoyed the most. In 2017 I decided to do the 200hrs vinyasa yoga teachers training at Glow Yogastudio with the goal to deepen and steady my practice. 
I am truly grateful to have received the teachings from my two Prana Vinyasa®-schooled teachers Claudia and Daphne, adding the element of nature to the practice. I was during these six months that the vinyasa practice really stole my heart and made me want to share the joy with others. 

I looooooove nature with all it’s elements, cycles and intelligence. I feel most at home camping in a tent surrounded by mountains and I go hiking whenever I get the chance. But living in the city of Haarlem I also enjoy spending time in with friends and family over food, a glass of fine wine, candles and music.

On the level of yoga I can’t get enough of learning new things. After completing the 200hrs training I’ve been enjoying masterclasses and trainings with several inspiring teachers including Simon Park (50hrs YAC) and this year I embarked on the journey towards completing the 300hrs teachers training at Glow Yogastudio. 

​Moving my body on the flow of breath and in synch with the cycles of nature and life feels like a dance with the soul.

I invite you to take this soulful dance 

Love, Love, Love, 

Lydia Louisa

2019 – ongoing Glow! Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (building towards
  300hr YAC)

2018 Advanced Teacher Training with Simon Park 50hr YAC

2017 – 2018 Glow! Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200hr YAC