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Sun 24 Jan | GLOW ONLINE SPECIAL ‘In the Spirit of a Warrior’ with Julee

Taking inspiration from a chapter of the Bhgavad Gita, one of Yoga’s sacred texts, i invite you to join me in this yoga practice of allowing all expectations & all limitations to soften In order to put into practice some of these beautiful spiritual guidelines, we can start by how we approach our asana practice. Practice without performingPractice without attachment… Lees verder →

Thu 28 January: GLOW ONLINE SPECIAL| ‘Vira Flow’ with Rob Hess

Join Rob Hess for this powerful class as we close out the first month of 2021! This dynamic practice is a moving meditation that connects us to the powerful life force that flows. As we move together through this challenging time of change it’s important to remember that strength comes from within. This practice will open you and connect you… Lees verder →

Sun 7 Feb| GLOW ONLINE WORKSHOP ‘Root to Rise’ with Rob Hess

Join Rob Hess (on his Birthday!) for this deep and powerful online workshop connecting to the Root. The root of the human body is muladara our root chakra, this is the place of transformation. In this workshop we’ll plant the seeds and set out intentions as we face the challenges of life knowing we are rooted in the power of… Lees verder →

26-28 feb: TT Intensive | Yoga Nidra, Meditatie technieken & Mindfulness met George Langenberg

Voertaal is Nederlands. This module will be taught in Dutch! Tijdens dit ervaringsgerichte weekend komen verschillende werkvormen voorbij en verdiep je jouw eigen meditatiebeoefening. Je leert wat contemplatieve beoefening is en middels schrijf- en reflectie oefeningen krijg je inzicht in persoonlijke processen. Meditaties en werkvormen worden in stilte aan elkaar gevlochten. Naast de eigen beoefening in stilte, krijg je op… Lees verder →

26-28 March: TT Intensive | Living Philosophy with Daphne Koken

Explore the nature of yoga: philosophy as inspiration! A truly heart opening and fulfilling immersion! Learn how to bring yoga philosophy to life and transform these teachings into embodied experiences for your students. Honour the sacred space of practice through working with altars, mudras, mantras and funky sacred playlists. Use the transformative stories of Hindu mythology, the teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga… Lees verder →

30 April, 1 & 2 May: TT Intensive | ‘The Art of Touch’ Handson assisting techniques with Daphne and Claudia

During this immersion we will be offering the foundation principles of the art of handson assisting and apply them to the flow of various creative namaskars and intermediate asanas. We will dive deeper into the energetics, key actions and common misalignments of poses and their modifications. You will learn to observe and cultivate an understanding of what to look for… Lees verder →

21-23 May: TT Intensive | Intelligent & Creative Core Integration with Daphne Koken and Claudia van der Tier

The core in yoga is a fundamental system that offers a solid foundation for flow. Understanding and embodiment of this system will offer you tools to create vinyasa sequences that are both steady and fluid. During this module you will study the different aspects of ‘core’ in yoga: core anatomy, breathing techniques and different pathways of core cultivation. This will… Lees verder →

May 28-30: Simon Park | 25hr Advanced Teacher Training Intensive

Advanced Intensive for Teachers and Experienced Practitioners: Progressive Asana Practice to Advanced Poses, Creative Vinyasa Sequencing, and Refining the Art of Teaching. Vinyasa Flow Yoga has a wonderful potential to be complete practice: therapeutic and energizing for the body/mind and a path toward spiritual realization. Also, the open format of Vinyasa is a blank canvas for the artist within to… Lees verder →

Sept 2021: GLOW! 200 hrs Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

GLOW! 200u Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance 200hr gecertificeerd) | start 10 september 2021 8 intensieve en inspirerende weekenden met Daphne Koken & Claudia van der Tier en gastdocenten. Ontwikkel jezelf tot een authentieke en inspirerende vinyasa yoga docent! Vanaf september 2021 nemen Daphne Koken & Claudia van der Tier je mee in de wereld van Vinyasa. Met de uitgebreide ervaring… Lees verder →