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Summer Awakening New Moon Beach Flow | Claudia & Daphne

On this Summer Solstice New Moon it is time to open up our senses to a new cycle of abundance! We are delighted to be able to offer this master practice at Parnassia Beach. Join us joyful on a journey and let’s Glow outside! With this Summer starting on a new moon, we will take a moment to connect with… Read more →

Zon 31 mei: Sup & Yoga Sunday | Martine *VOL*

Sup & Yoga Sunday! Ontspanning, balans en plezier tijdens onze Sup & Yoga Zondag in Haarlem! En uiteraard, helemaal Coronaproof!   Onder begeleiding van Martine Bruin, gecertificeerd Sup Yoga docente, ervaar je een echte yogales op je supboard op het water! Een uitdaging voor je balans, plezier gegarandeerd. Voor wie? Iedereen is welkom. Je hoeft geen ervaring met yoga te hebben.… Read more →

Sept 2020: GLOW! 200 hrs Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

COMING UP ZATERDAG 28 MAART: Meet & Greet | Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program Stel al je vragen aan Daphne, Claudia en oud-trainees tijdens onze informele info middag. We geven je graag een kijkje in de structuur van onze training en delen onze inspiratie en alle ins & outs. 8 intensieve en inspirerende weekenden met Daphne Koken & Claudia van der Tier… Read more →

GLOW! 300 hrs Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

COMING UP SATURDAY 28 MARCH: Meet & Greet | Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program Meet your lead teachers and graduated students! Daphne and Claudia invite you to a new adventure, diving deeper into the teachings of vinyasa yoga. This modular teacher training allows you to study in compact blocks of intensive immersions, while receiving the continuous support and guidance of… Read more →

13-15 Nov: Advanced Anatomy, Fascia & Body reading (25hr TT) | Susan Michel

Gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy relevant to asana practice by reviewing the biomechanics of the joints and refining your knowledge of the different body systems, including fascia and the nervous system. Refine your capacity for body reading by learning about coordinative, perceptual and orientation patterns that may cause motion-restriction. Learn how to support healthy, full-range joint function in… Read more →